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Research themes and priority areas

Research themes and priority areas

888电子游戏官网's research is characterised by its fundamental commitment to the pathway from basic research to translation to innovative implementation (including practice, service delivery, and industry adoption).

888电子游戏官网's commitment to this research pathway is reflected in its cross-cutting approach to research across each of its research themes and priority areas. These cross-cutting approaches are:

  • A strong research–practice interface, including research-led practice and practice-led research, that involves and engages the professions, service-delivery agencies and other end- users (patients, clients, consumers, industry).
  • Strengthening the evidence base by responding to the needs of high-end practitioners, policy-makers, guideline developers, activists, companies and governments, thereby ensuring they have access to expert advice and robust data for decision-making.
  • Assessment, evaluation, advocacy, policy-making throughout all stages of planning, measurement and monitoring as well as the early stages of innovation.
  • Indigeneity and diversity to reach a fuller understanding of aboriginal knowledge, practice, and belief and the diversity of the cultures among which we live and research.


Our research on the prevention, detection and management of disease and injury transcends medical practice, driving health outcomes and quality of life at a global scale.

Natural and Built Environments

Our research leverages Western Australia’s distinctive geography to understand, harness, build and protect environments for sustaining people, place and planet.

Securing Digital Futures

In no other field is change occurring more rapidly than it is in the digital domain. It is impacting every aspect of human existence at an exponential pace and so it’s absolutely vital that we closely examine those impacts.

Society and Culture

Australia as a progressive and diverse nation is facing societal change on a national and global scale. Research at 888电子游戏官网 will guide this progress.

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